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Maintenance Notification


Please see below a notice of routine maintenance affecting your hosting account:

Maintenance window: 00:01 GMT 29th March to 04:00 GMT 29th March

Task: MySQL 4 upgrade to MySQL 5.1

Duration: MySQL 4 will be switched off on the server for 3 hours (MySQL 5 not affected)

Reason: We are upgrading from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5.1 as version 4 is now end of life and not fully supported.

Server affected: Only accounts on FTP4 / Magma listed below, please note MySQL 5 databases on these accounts are not affected.

Affect: During this upgrade all MySQL 4 databases will be unavailable as we upgrade the server, after the upgrade things will come back online without you needing to take any action. You should check all your sites to see if there are any issues after but we don’t expect any.

Databases already MySQL 5 are unaffected and no connection information will change after the upgrade for any database version, it will all remain the same. If you are unsure of the version of a database you can look in the MySQL manager in web tools, version 5 databases that are unaffected will have (mysql5) by the name.

Web sites not using databases will be unaffected, email and all other services will be online throughout the upgrade.

We will work as quickly as we can to reduce the time MySQL 4 databases are offline.

If anyone has any queries let us know.

Many Thanks


Network Maintenance Notice

Network Maintenance Notice

EVENT ID:                                         mw-01-17-2010-1
DATE:                                                01/17/2010
START TIME:                                    12:00 EST
ESTIMATED END TIME:                    03:00 EST
TYPE OF WORK:                               Network Hardware Upgrade
PURPOSE OF WORK:                        Improvements to routing and switchign capacity
IMPACT OF WORK:                          intermittent short losses of connectivity


FTP Security

Dear User,

We are always working to make our systems as secure as we can and we do a lot of work on this but some parts of the systems security can be affected by users for example password security. We've seen over the past few months a rise in users having FTP passwords stolen/guessed which can lead to sites being attacked. We have decided to impose a forced FTP password update so everyone has to change their FTP/account passwords to new ones so we can make sure they are all secure.

The way this will work is we are now changing all FTP passwords on all accounts to random passwords, users then need to login to their control panels where they will be prompted to change the account password. You should choose a password which is 8 characters in length with at least one number and you should not base them on common words or names as these can be guessed easily. Users won't be able to login to FTP until they update the account password but as soon as this has been updated you will have full FTP access again within 1 minute.

Users also need to look at the security of any computers they use to login to the control panel or for FTP as hackers are using Trojan/key loggers to steal users login's. All users need to make sure they run an up to date virus scanner that can look for root kits/Trojans/Key loggers, ones we recommend are:

You also need to be careful who you give login details to for example web designers, making sure that they have a secure system before allowing them to use FTP.

We understand that this is not convenient and we apologise for the short notice of this password change but we have seen sharp rise in users reporting ftp details being stolen. You may have seen stories in the news about Hotmail and how hackers are using Trojan/key loggers on user computers to steal login information so we feel it is important to take this action to keep everyone secure.

If you have any queries about this please let us know.

Many Thanks


26-09-2009 1:50 BST ***UPDATE***

This is an update with details of the issues with the FTP 5 server network over the past 24 hours to help explain what happened and what we are doing about it. The issues we were having are with the routers used by our data centre provider to connect us to the fibre in the building. These routers are used by everyone in building and a lot of other hosts are having the same issues we are having as we share a data centre/routers.

What happened is Thursday night the pair of routers both developed an issue with a memory leak which was so serious the software on them both had to be upgrade immediately to prevent a crash, this was recommended by Cisco. This upgrade failed first time so this caused the network maintenance to over run on Thursday night.

On Friday the data centre provider found that the new software on the routers was having major issues so they had to take the routers down for major config change which took them offline in the middle of the day. They were also rebooted in evening as more changes were needed to be made to try and fix the issues.

At 01:40 today our data centre were provided with a solution by Cisco TAC which is now running and looks to be stable and effective solution to the issues. We and the data centre are monitoring things closely to see how this solution works out but first reports look like it is working well.

This data centre is one of the best in country and was data centre operator of the year 2009 in the annual 'Storrie' awards organised by Storage Magazine. We will be talking to them about the redundancy of the network to make sure that it is made vendor diverse so single issues with a vendor can't affect us like this again.

Please accept our apologies for the poor performance of network over the past 24 hours and we are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

If you have any queries let us know.


25-09-2009 02:30 BST ***UPDATE*** FTP 5 Emergency Maintenance
  ***Please note only FTP 5 was affect by this maintenance***

This is an update on the router upgrade performed tonight at 23:00 24/09/2009, there was an issue with upgrade that was unforeseen due to a problem with the new firmware supplied by Cisco. This caused a lot more work to get the firmware running on the router which meant the maintenance wasn't completed until 02:30 25/09/2009.

We sincerely apologies for the disruption that this will have caused users but this upgrade had to be done as the current routers had developed a serious issue that if left unfixed would have been an even more serious issue. This maintenance was performed on the routers that provide connectivity to the whole data centre we use and was performed by the data centre. We we're not the only hosting company affected by this 100's other hosts in same building had the same issue.

We do have a lot of redundancy built into our network as we run pairs of routers/switches designed to take over if one fails but in this case both were affect by the issue which is very rare.

If you have any queries about this let us know and please accept our apologies.


FTP 1 Unplanned reboot between [08:45 BST [24-09-2009] to [09:00 BST 25-09-2009]

The server FTP 1 (viper)was rebooted between 08:45 BST 24-09-2009 to 09:00 BST 25-09-2009 to apply an urgent security patch. The server was offline for roughly 10 minutes. This update was very important to keep the server secure and make sure it runs reliably.

If you have any queries please let us know.


30-10-2008 - 19:15 - FTP2.DNS-SYSTEMS.NET DDOS Sites Back To Normal

We experienced huge DDOS attack today which was one of biggest we have had to fight, with over 30MB/s of incoming SYN packets. Please accept our apologies for this but we did work as hard as we could to get it blocked quickly. There was a team very highly qualified people working on it all the time. These attacks are very rare and this is the first time we have experienced anything like this.

Only web sites were affected, mail and other services were running while this was happening.

If you have any queries please let us know, and thanks for your patience in this matter.

30-10-2008 - 15:23 - FTP2.DNS-SYSTEMS.NET Web Sites Offline

Due to an IP flood on this server some web sites are offline, we are working on this now and hope to have sites up soon.


We are still working on this and some traffic is getting through so some sites are showing, please bare with us we are working on this as fast as we can to get this traffic blocked.


19:00 - We have now blocked most of the attack and sites appear to be running well on the server. We will continue monitoring.


PHP Upgrade

Dear Users,

We have been running the PHP 4 and PHP 5 languages concurrently on our servers for a while now, with PHP 4 running as the default version for all .php files. You may or may not be aware that PHP 4 has now reached its end-of-life, meaning it is no longer being developed or supported.

With more scripts now requiring it, we have made the decision to switch to PHP 5 as the main version. We will still run PHP 4 in the background, just like we do with PHP 5 at the moment.

After the upgrade, both languages will have Zend Optimizer and Ioncube extensions installed as standard. If you have any custom PHP variables in htaccess files, these will still work correctly with the new version.

We will be making the PHP upgrade on 28/10/2008 at 23:30 on the FTP1 (Viper) server.

If your site uses PHP, we recommend checking it just after the upgrade to make sure it works correctly. Most PHP scripts will now work with PHP 5, but we will have updated instructions on our knowledgebase that will allow you to switch back to PHP 4 if there are any problems. Alternatively you can get in contact with us for help.

Many Thanks


Sites running slowly -
The FTP1 server has suffered a hard disk failure this morning and is currently rebuilding its RAID array. This is affecting the speed of some database intensive sites on the server. We expect the rebuild to be completed later today. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Sites running slowly -

Status: ongoing

Some web-sites may appear to be running slowly due to an issue we had yesterday with the FTP3 server. This server had to be forcefully rebooted after a user script consumed all available memory. This caused the RAID array to perform an in-depth integrity check of all data which is causing high load.

The check is taking longer than expected, and we hope that it will be completed by the end of today (08/05/2008). We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.


Upgrade the database software to the latest 5.1 version

On Thursday 1st of May 2008 at 11:00pm we will upgrade the database software to the latest 5.1 version. This version will add new features as well as increased stability and performance.

There may be up to 10-15 minutes of downtime while we switch versions and all scripts and software making use of the 5.0 database should be compatible with the new 5.1 version.


Hotmail Issue -

Status: resolved

The Hotmail block has now been removed on and mail is now going through to Hotmail without any issues. To get the block removed we have had to temporarily prevent mail redirecting to Hotmail from this server so any mail redirects that send to hotmail are currently off. If you have one you should set it to send mail to another address until we have this resolved. We are making changes to the system requested by Hotmail and as soon as this is up the redirects will be put back in place.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Hotmail Mail Issue

Status: ongoing

The Hotmail block has been removed on and mail is now going through to Hotmail without issues. To get the block removed we had to stop redirecting mail so any mail redirects that send to hotmail are currently off. If you have one you should set it to send mail to another address till we have this resolved. We are making changes to the system requested by Hotmail and as soon as this is up the redirects will be put back in place.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Mailguard spam and virus protection
We have had an issue this morning with our spam and virus protection system. Users who use this service may experience a delay in receiving E-mails sent from this morning. No E-mail will be lost.

Web site files will be transferred to the new server and FTP

00:01 - 25/01/2008 - Web site files will be transferred to the new server and FTP will be turned off during this time, we hope to keep web sites online.


Web sites and MySQL will be switched off

06:00 - 25/01/2008 - Web sites and MySQL will be switched off so MySQL can be transferred


Incoming mail will be switched off

18:00 - 24/01/2008 - Incoming mail will be switched off so mail can be transferred to the new server, mail sent in this time should be stored and delivered when the server comes back online.


The server will be rebooted and brought back online

08:00 - 25/01/2008 - The server will be rebooted and brought back online.


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