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All accounts come with our Mail Guard spam blocker system. You can add this feature to any of the domains on your account. Once enabled, it can block or tag suspected spam messages.

Enabling spam and virus protection

Before adding an account, you MUST make sure in your E-mail settings, the outgoing SMTP server is set to: or (where username is the username of the account that the domain is hosted on)

Adding an account is simple, just click on the ‘Spam and Virus Protection’ link under Email control on your control panel.

Click 'Add' and choose an account from the drop-down list. Tick the box and click 'Next Step'. The account will be instantly added to your list.

To add a domain, click 'edit' next to the account name. Next click the Add Domain button and choose your domain from this list. By default, all domains added are set to the 'Tagging' method. (See below)


There are two options available that control how Mail Guard handles suspected spam messages. You can switch between these options using the ‘edit’ links on the spam and virus protection control panel page.

1. Genuine E-mail is sent to you but our system blocks suspected spam messages.

2. An bounce message is sent to the sender telling them that this has happened, and will offer them the chance to be added to our whitelist so they can resend the message.

3. They follow a link in the bounced message which takes them to our white listing system where they can enter their details.

4. An e-mail will then be sent to them with a link they must click on which shows that they are sending from an address they have access to. This is what prevents spammers from using the system as they rarely use genuine e-mail addresses.

The tagging method will modify the E-mail message so ***SPAM*** is displayed in the subject line. This is useful if you want to review all E-mails to make sure no genuine messages have been caught.

Tagging example: Microsoft Outlook
You can also use E-mail clients such as Outlook to move tagged messages to a different folder so your inbox does not get cluttered:

1. Make a new Folder in outlook by clicking: File -> Folder -> New Folder. For this example, we will call the folder: SPAM.

2. Click: Tools -> Rules Wizard. Click NEW and select the following, and click Next:

Start from a blank rule
Check messages when they arrive

3. On the next page select the ‘with specific words in the subject’ option and enter in ***SPAM*** for the subject. Click Next

4. Lastly, choose 'move it to the specified folder' and select the SPAM folder you created earlier. Click finish.

Now all ***SPAM*** tagged messages will be moved to the SPAM folder.

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