TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 fiber

Fast machines for all cutting tasks – the TruLaser 3030 fibre. We cut chassis and thin chassis sheets on this machine. It prove its worth trough high flexibility and cost savings. All sheet thicknesses can be cut economically and very precisely. The TruDisk solid-state laser also offers the advantage of high productivity in the area of thin sheet metal. BrightLine fibre ensures the highest edge quality.

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TRUMPF TruBend 3000 Series

The perfect interplay of all components makes the TruBend 3000 Series the fastest press brake in its class. We bend the complete chassis part and all other parts of the chassis group on this machine. Thanks to TRUMPF technology we can produce the main chassis part completely without welding and mechanical joints. The TruBend 3000 series combines the best TRUMPF quality so you can produce economically even at low utilization.

Haas ST15Y CNC Lathe

The Haas ST 15 produces high-precision rotating parts such as wheel discs and bearing segments. This machine is a high-performance machining centre with a completely new design that offers flexible setup and features exceptional strength and high temperature stability. The addition of Y-axis and live tooling allows milling, drilling, and tapping for increased machine capabilities.

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Painting box Wagner

Powder coating is the most modern and a very gentle method of metal treatment. An electrically charged powder mixture is applied to a grounded object using pressurized air. This ensures very good adhesion. After the powder paint has been applied, the object to be painted is transported to the oven where the powder melts at temperatures of 180 to 200 °C and turns into a compact, smooth surface.


excellent in every cut

ExcelleNT in every cut

The chassis Hot Rod Lowrider Strollers are manufactured by laser cutting on a TRUMPF machine. The precision cut with perfect geometry guarantees easy and precise chassis assembly.


DURAL body

The mechanical properties of duralumin are as good or better than those of low carbon steel, although it has limited weldability. We use duralloy 5754 for our Tot Rod bodies. Aluminium 5754 has excellent corrosion resistance. It has a higher strength and this strength makes it very suitable for the manufacture of these bodies.

aircraft grade aluminIUM Wheels

The alloy is made from a careful mixture of AlSi1MgMn to give it extra strength. It has a beautiful surface and has the best machinability. Its high corrosion resistance and good weight and strength to cost ratio make it an ideal material for wheels construction. CNC machined.

Rubber Plus Compound Tyres

The superior technology of the
new rubber solid tyres. During development, emphasis was placed on
the combination of high mileage performance and excellent cut resistance with very low rolling resistance. Perfect ride together with CNC wheels.


precision body made of ALUMINIUM

precision body made of ALUMINIUM

Our chassis parts Hot Rod Strollers 65 TOTROD are made of 5754 aluminium alloy. The main alloying element of this alloy is magnesium. This alloy has high strength, corrosion resistance and good workability. The alloy can be very well cold worked and can also be well anodised. The alloy can be hardened to high strength, which is why our chassis made of this material are so strong and light.


Although our perfectionist approach to manufacturing our products produces waste, we strive to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. We remove unnecessary plastic parts from our products, including packaging. The 65 Tot Rod stroller contains only 3% plastic parts and even these small percentages are now being replaced. The entire stroller is timeless and is made to last for many years so that you can enjoy this beautiful product for as long as possible. If a customer has an unfortunate incident and damages the product, we also offer service and repair directly with us. All spare parts are available even if you decide to repair the product yourself.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, we created workflows for our support staff who learned to work from home. We have reduced their time spent travelling and are trying to reduce our carbon footprint in this small way. Of course, craftspeople have to make products in workshops, but here too we are trying to increase the recycling of materials and save energy. Especially in the areas of lighting and heating automation. In general, we are moving away from solvents and replacing them with water-based technologies. We use powder paints, which themselves do not contain solvents. This process is expensive, but it is worthwhile. Our bodywork is bisphenol-free, unlike risky epoxy composites. Widely used fibreglass and carbon fibre bodies, or some plastics in general, can be risky for children precisely because of their potentially harmful content. We only outsource materials for our production to suppliers who ensure quality working conditions and safe working practices for their employees. As a matter of principle, we do not use cheap labour and only manufacture in Europe.

100% Made in Europe.

Do you still have the toys you got as a child and your parents decided to keep?
Do you feel that today’s children’s toys don’t last long enough to become an essential part of our childhood memories?
Do you also feel that the skill or energy that existed in past generations has faded away?


From design to shipping

We are dedicated to researching and developing the best materials and processes for manufacturing chassis parts through to composite bodies. Everything is designed and manufactured in our manufacturing facility in Europe. Hot Rod Strollers 65 TOTROD are handcrafted with precision that time will prove.